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Hair Colour Correction

Hair System Colour Correction

Hair Replacement Australia's range of colour correction products will keep your hair looking good for longer. Discover Back2Natural... a natural conditioner for correcting the colour of faded hair.

Fix faded colour fast - Back2Natural is a quick, safe way to restore the true hair colour of alternative human hair products by getting rid of unsightly reds, yellows and oranges caused by sun damage. It is not a hair dye, but a gentle, easy-to-use rinse out colour depositor. Outstanding results when used on faded hair, processed hair or damaged hair. Using the correct hair care products for hair systems, wigs and hairpieces will help extend their life span.

Light Blonde - Hair Colour Correction Light Brown - Hair Colour Correction Medium Blonde - Hair Colour Correction Medium Brown - Hair Colour Correction
Dark Blonde - Hair Colour Correction Dark Brown - Hair Colour Correction

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