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Attaching Hair Systems

Attaching Hair Systems

Learn how to correctly attach a hair system. By educating yourself and learning more will only help you make an informed decision before purchasing any products. Contact Hair Replacement Australia if you need any further information or advice.

Locating a Guide Point

Place 3 or 4 fingers above your eyebrow to locate where your hairline would naturally start. Find the center point on your forehead, using the back of a styling comb, press it into your skin and create a temporary indentation. You can also use a piece of sticky tape as a marker if you wanted.

Apply Positioning Spray

After your guide point is marked in the center of your forehead use a positioning spray and generously spray onto your scalp. This is crucial because the positioning spray will give you a few extra moments after the hair system is placed onto your head to adjust it into the right position. This is an essential step. Without it, hair systems may immediately stick to your scalp as soon as it makes contact with your skin. This could potentially make a mess with a crooked hair system being the end result.

For even better results, spray the underside of the hair systems base where the hair tape or hair glue adhesive has been applied.

Attaching the Hair System

Hold both sides of the hair system and slowly lower it down onto your head so the entire base touches your scalp at about the same time.

Once resting on your head, you should be able to move it freely over your scalp in all directions until it is aligned with your forehead guide / indentation and all around the edges of your natural growing hair.

Wait several minutes for the hair positioning spray to evaporate and then begin carefully patting or pushing down on the hair replacement system to better secure the adhesion and set it into place. You can also use the underside of a hair vent brush or comb, gently pressing down over the hair system starting from the top of your head, moving out toward the perimeter.