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Scalp Preparation

Scalp Preparation

Learn how to prepare your scalp before attaching a hair system. By educating yourself and learning more will only help you make an informed decision before purchasing any products. Contact Hair Replacement Australia if you need any further information or advice.

Importance of Proper Scalp Preparation

No matter how strong your hair tapes or hair glues adhesives are, hair systems will not last long if you do not clean and properly prepare your scalp first. Any hair adhesive residue unknowingly left on your head before reattaching your hair system will prematurely breakdown any new hair adhesive.

We recommend you own 2 hair systems, alternating them so that you allow enough time for soaking and cleaning your hair systems properly.

How To Prepare your Scalp

Wash your entire head, hair and scalp thoroughly with Bond Breaker shampoo to remove any adhesive residue on the scalp. This product will also clean the scalp of any sebum oils and adhesive solvent remaining on the scalp after removing the hair system. Once complete, wash your hair and scalp with an everyday shampoo.This will help balance the pH in your skin. After washing, fully dry your head and scalp with a towel and / or blow dryer, removing all excess moisture. Shave any hair or stubble as required.

Using a Scalp Protector

Apply a layer of waterproof sealant, such as our Scalp Protector to your skin. This will help protect your skin as well as encourage adhesion with hair glue and hair tape adhesives. Allow the scalp protector sealant to completely dry before attaching your hair system.