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Shampoo & Condition

Hair System Shampoo and Conditioner

Learn what products to use and how to shampoo and condition hair systems. By educating yourself and learning more will only help you make an informed decision before purchasing any products. Contact Hair Replacement Australia if you need any further information or advice.

Hair Shampoo

The most important thing you should know about using shampoo on hair systems is it can do more harm than good.

Nobody wants to smell or have a dirty head, so using a shampoo is a necessity. The rule is to shampoo only when needed, roughly once a week. Anymore and you run the risk of drying out the hair and causing tangles and hair shedding.

In addition to using a shampoo, we strongly recommend conditioning your hair system daily. Work the conditioner into the hair, not your scalp or the base.

Conditioning your hair system everyday will help to hydrate and strengthen the hair, keeping it healthy and softer for longer. In fact, we believe in conditioning so much that we also suggest using our Ghost Mist Argan Oil spray everyday on your hair system after showering.

Hair Conditioner

Our advice about conditioning your hair replacement system is as follows;

  • Do it everyday.

  • Work it into the hair - not your scalp or the base.

  • Use a conditioner that you rinse out whilst showering.

  • Use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen after showering


Do not use conditioning products that contain Panthenol - pro vitamin B5. Protein based ingredients are thick and designed to stay close to the root of the hair and scalp, but on hair systems or hair extensions these products remain on the base of the hair system, weakening hair knots causing hair shedding and breaking down the hair adhesive reducing the adhesion hold time. Protein-based products will cause tangling and matting as well.

Sulphate / Sodium ingredients - also avoid as they will dry out the hair.

We recommend shampooing and conditioning with products formulated especially for hair systems and wigs.