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Wigs - Cap Size

Wig Cap Size

Wigs have their own special sizing conventions, just as shoes or dresses do, but few people grow up buying and wearing wigs, so wig sizes are typically unfamiliar to first-time buyers. An added complication is that some manufacturers may have slightly different sizing scales. Yet, finding the correct wig size is not difficult to do.

Even though average size wigs tend to fit the majority of people, there is also quite a few wigs in our range that come in petite and large sizes. The majority of our wig collection also come with adjustable velcro straps that give up to half an inch so that you can achieve a more comfortable and secure fit.

Most manufacturers identify cap sizes differently. Use this guide to help identify the cap size circumference of a wig. To find your cap size for a wig or hairpiece, use a flexible fabric or plastic tape measure and place one end in the middle of your forehead (just touching your front hairline), then wrap the remaining tape around the back of your head just above your neck hairline behind your ears and then back to the middle of your forehead. Take this measurement and then use the below chart to help select the correct cap size.

How to Measure

Wig Cap Size

Wig Cap Size

Wig Measurements

NOTE - Sizes may vary slightly with different brands and not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.