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Clip in Hair Pieces

Regain your confidence with hair pieces that look and feel natural from Hair Replacement Australia. Experience the premium quality of our hair pieces that are undetectable, comfortable and natural looking.

Feel the difference with our range of quality hair pieces!

With dozens of options including versatile styles and colours, you will certainly be able to find the perfect hair piece to match your look. The range of hair pieces we have chosen lead the industry in both innovation and style. Our human hair pieces have exceeded the existing industry standard - overly dense or sparse, unrealistic and overly priced - where as our human hair pieces are affordable and provide natural looking results. Our heat defiant hair pieces combine the easy wearability of synthetic hair with the flexible styling of human hair. Blow dry, flat iron, crimp and curl these heat defiant hair pieces just like you would natural human hair. This heat defiant fiber has a true-to-life feel, is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic hair on the market.

With 40 million women in the USA alone suffering from hair loss (10 million of them under the age of 40), it was about time an Australian company started providing quality hair pieces at affordable prices. We believe in repeated business, so we ensure that our clients will look and feel their best. So join with us and share our passion for beautiful hair!